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About us


Mr. Enzfelder established a job shop in Vienna. Equipped with some machinery, the Enzfelder Company manufactured machine parts according to drawings. Within one year the number of employees rose to 3. The Enzfelder company started manufacturing threaded spindles and nuts according to drawings. Then the range of manufacturing was enlarged by toothed wheels, screw wheels and endless screws according to drawings.


The company including the complete manufacture was relocated to Enzesfeld.


The manufacture of spindle gears was launched. The company’s experience in the manufacture of trapezoid-threaded spindles, nuts, worm gear pairs and casings was a valuable basis for the construction. After many tests, the serial production of spindle gears was launched one year later. The result was a product characterized by a first-rate price-performance ratio. The product was distributed by dealers all over Europe.


The planning and construction of small hydropower plants was launched to replace diesel generators. Environmental protection was not really a topic at that time, however, and the production was stopped in 1986.


The Enzfelder GesmbH company replaced the Franz Enzfelder Company.


Scissor-type lifting platforms and cable winches were added to the delivery program.


Resilient spacer shafts were tested and added to the production range. At the same time, the telescopic spindle gear was developed. A patent for this principle was applied for and issued.


The sale of spindle gears under their own name was launched and presented for the first time at the Hannover industrial fair. We have been approached with a variety of tasks and have provided solutions according to the customers’ needs ever since.


In cooperation with our customers we produced the first bevel gears to specification.


Spindle bearing arrangements were designed and included in the standard program.


The Enzfelder company produced planet gear to specification for the first time.


The standard programs were enlarged. Additionally, bevel gears are manufactured in a standard design.


The development of electric cylinders in standard design for very high loads (5-1000kN) was started. At the same time the telescopic spindle gears were refined to save the customer the guiding and locking devices. Since that time we have been able to offer telescopic cylinders, too.


The development of electric cylinders was completed, and these cylinders were added to the standard program. At the same time the development and fabrication of cubic spindle gears for lifting loads between 2.5 and 150kN was started. These gears were added to the standard program as well.


were extended and optimized the series of the electric cylinders. Further we provide an electronic 2D-3D product catalogue of the spindle gears, it makes it possible to integrate our products into your system.


We putted our new assembling and packaging hall, beside the manufacturing hall, in operation


We increased our machinery by buying a CNC machine tool with 7 axes, brand AXA. That new CNC machine allows a precise machining of the screw jack housings in only two clamping.


The engineering started to use new 3-D CAD software, Solid Edge. That software enables our customers to integrate easily our drawings.


We opened a sales office in France.


We started to design the high performance screw jacks HSG and we created a range of 10 different sizes.


First participation to an exhibition in France: INDUSTRIE 2005 at Lyon.


We started to design a new range of telescopic screw jacks TSGLR. Today, these new telescopic screw jacks, with a more compact design, are used in the stage industry, in the aircraft industry, on train lifting equipments and in machine building.


We replaced the tread grinding machine by a new CNC thread grinding machine, brand Mikromat.

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