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Examples of Application

Plant: Alumium electro-analysis, agitators, slidemovement.

Production: Machine Tools, presses, liftin-tables, exciting- and tilt facilities, material charge, veneer presses, trash compactors, filterpresses, adjustment of moveable presstables.

Mounting and repair: lifting systems for railway and streets, working platforms, mounting tables, liftingstages, climbing scaffolding.

Building technology: formworks, molds for conrete finishes, moveable girder molds, lifting stage for theaters, drives for window, wall and roof constructions, movement for tunnel formwork.

Water and shipbuilding: drives for protect panels and slidemovement, Bridge inspection car and highness adjustment for landing stages, alignment in docks, deck adjustment in ships.

Environment technic: purification plant, computational adjustment, regulation of level, floodgate movement.

Aircraft: adjusters for Airbus.

Machine tools: profile rolling machine, report engine, worm bending machine, glue-spreading machines, impregantion immersion, glueing.


  • Precise adjustment and measuring possibility
  • Automatic lock
  • Working in every stage
  • Exact synchronism of several elements (even in case of eccentric load of the elements)
  • Interchangability because of serial parts
  • Simple instalation
  • Synchronic drive with motors or crank handle
  • 100% prevention of sinking because of self locking
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