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Albert Köfler | Vertrieb
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Peraustraße 32; Austria 9500 Villach


50 year company anniversary


Dear Customer,

Enzfelder GmbH is glad, to tell you, that the aquirement of the products of Louis Jörg GmbH is finished.

Louis Jörg GmbH is the producer of universal worm gears, helical worm gears, slip Hubs (torque limiter) and slip couplings (torque limiter couplings). Main emphases belongs to the externally adjustable torque limiter which are installed in gears, which runs in an oil bath and also in customer specified solutions. Louis Jörg GmbH has earned many design awards and patents for it´s products and was supplier, during centuries for entrepreneurs from agriculture, industry, construction and renewable energy, with high quality products and high customer benefits

Adding the new products, skills and technologies to the portfolio of Enzfelder GmbH will give many advantages to our customers and also to the customers of Louis Jörg GmbH. Particular attention was paid to the fact that Know-how, that was aquired during centuries, not will be lost.

The production and the mounting of the new product groups will be made at Enzfelder GmbH. Because of the high stock and the brought and the existing Know-how, it will be possible to deliver all products in the near future. The main aim of Enzfelder GmbH in the next weeks, will be that the integration of the products without an impact for new and old partners will be done and that we can give the best support to all our customers. Our focus will continue to be paired to a high customer value with excellent quality. We look forward to be able to support our customers with full dedication and excellence.

Please make all transactions from 15th October 2012 directly with Enzfelder GmbH. For claims under the

warranty or from the product warranty act (deliveries before 15th Oct. 2012) please contact Louis Jörg GmbH.

For any questions please contact Mr. Gigel Danut Sarca or me.

With best regards
Ing. Günter Rothberger
General Manager

Contact Mr. Sarca
Tel. +43(0)2256 81287 DW26
Fax. +43(0)2256 81287 DW95

uniTeCe helical worm gear unit with hollow drive shaft and motor flange
uniCe worm gear with slip clutch at the output
RK slip clutch for overload protection
RT slip hub with sprocket

ELZP 0050

The innovative electric cylinderseries ELZP has been extended by one size. With the new size ELZP 0050 can now be moved up to 50 kN. We also have a lot of extras for this size.



The ELZP is a compact electro cylinder, in which the motor is parallel to the cylinder tube. This cylinder confident with very high efficiency and rugged construction. Thanks to the specially developed gear decoupling system, the cylinder can be moved manually.

Advantages of the cylinder:

  • Compact design for maximum efficiency
  • High lifting speed
  • Long life
  • Wide range of customized equipment
  • gear decoupling system for manual emergency operation
  • Big selection of applications

Find more informations and datasheets under Products -> Electriccylinder -> electro cylinder parallel.

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